Extensive Range of Textile Processing Machinery

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Calf Milk PasteuriserCalf Milk Pasteuriser
Magnobosco Calves Milk Pasteuriser
FloodBagsFloodBags flood-bags.com
Maynard Technolgies use specially designed super absorbent technical textiles to produce FloodBags, these modern day equivalent Sandbags no longer requires Sand, making them easier to handle, store and place in position to help hold back rising flood waters. FloodBags are an innovative, low-cost alternative rapid-reaction Flood Defence product to the 'traditional' sandbags that are heavy and bulky, difficult to transport and require considerable manpower to deploy.
Therma-CreteTherma-Crete http://www.therma-crete.com
Concrete Curing Blankets for the construction industry. Frost protection covers for building sites
Therma-FoilTherma-Foil http://www.therma-foil.co.uk
Therma-Foil is a Reflective Foil Insulation that acts as a vapour barrier, designed to enhance comfort in the home, while saving energy and, most importantly, saving you money. Being 100% recyclable, the closed cell foam core, offers a safer, cleaner, fibre-free, non-asthmatic and non-itchy thermal insulation medium. Ideal for health sensitive applications in the home and in schools, hospitals, factories, office buildings and where high thermal performance and lower lifecycle running costs are an important part of the design brief. Therma-Foil helps you meet lower U-value requirements in smaller spaces. It is extremely quick and easy to install with minimum waste. It will also assist your building in meeting New European air-tightness Tests and reducing Impact Noise. It can be installed along with a secondary insulation to provide you with the standard you require, with minimum waste, saving you time, space and money. Fast & easy installation, Lightweight & flexible, Vapour Barrier, Energy efficient, Reduces Impact Noise, Ultraslim profile (2.5mm) taking up less space than bulk insulation, Will not mold or mildew, Provides a corrosion resistant insulation system, Made from 100% recyclable materials, Manufactured to BS EN ISO 9001:2008 Quality Standards, CFC & HCFC Free Improves air-tightness
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