Extensive Range of Textile Processing Machinery


Thorp Precast Concrete BlocksThorp Precast Concrete Blocks
Concrete "Lego"-Style Blocks for Self-weighted Concrete Bunkers - for easy installation as no foundations are needed - provides excellent storage of scrap metals and materials as well as blast-proof protection walling
Valvan Car CrusherValvan Car Crusher http://www.valvan.com/press/carcrusher.html
A revolutionary Process for Car Breakers handling Scrap Cars – the Valvan Car Crushing Press reduces the amount of space required for intermediate storage of wrecks, the Valvan CarCrusher offers the following additional advantages: Processing after shredding the crushed car is much easier and requires considerably less energy. The car is presented in sheet and not as a block, making it easier and quicker to shred, resulting in a much higher scrap value. Now flattened, with a significant reduction of the size of the car wrecks they can be more easily stacked and/or transported from one site to another for further processing, thus reducing the number of journeys and the cost of fuel and time taken.
Valvan Used Clothing ProcessingValvan Used Clothing Processing http://www.valvan.com
Hydraulic Vertical, Swivel and Pit Presses designed for baling used clothing. Complete Sorting Systems - Conveyor Belts, Storage Cages, robotic feed systems for sorting and processing Used Clothing.
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