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Therma-FloatTherma-Float http://www.therma-float.com
Therma-Float Ltd brings specialized capabilities and experience to the development and fabrication of Performance insulation materials. We have developed a scientific understanding of entrapping air in ultra-thin membranes and adapting these special insulation materials to suit market requirements through advanced lamination. Therma-Float Ltd has a substantial commitment to research and development and specialises in developing PE-based fabric solutions for customers in diverse markets. Therma-Float Ltd specialises in the development of high-performance materials and laminates for use in the harshest and most demanding environments routinely encountered by offshore workers, mariners and militaries throughout the world.
Therma-FoilTherma-Foil http://www.therma-foil.co.uk
Therma-Foil Radiant Barrier Insulation Material for Underfloor insulation - Foil Insulation Underlay
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