Extensive Range of Textile Processing Machinery

Bleaching, Dyeing & Finishing

ARS Color SystemsARS Color Systems
The ARS Color Reference System is now regarded as the most widely used Colour Atlas - Designed specifically for the Carpet and Rug Trade, it is now taking over as an industry Standard Colour System particularly with more carpets and rugs being sourced from India, Nepal and the Middle East, China and the Far East. ARS Colors also have Colour Systems/Atlas' for Polyster, Cotton and Viscose.
BenningerBenninger http://www.benningergroup.com/en/company/overview/
Benninger provides solutions for all textile finishing processes specialising in the continuous open width treatment of fabrics and interlaced yarns. including fabric Washing, Bleaching, Mercerization, One-step dyeing and open-width Finishing for knitted goods
Biancalani, ItalyBiancalani, Italy http://www.biancalani.com/
Washing, Drying and Softening and Milling Machinery for any kind of fabric in rope form - “AIRO range of finishing Machinery
Cretes, BelguimCretes, Belguim http://www.Cretes.be
Fabric Slitting Machines for bandage and non-woven production. Nonwoven Converting Machines, Slitting, Cross-Perforating. Fabric Winders and Unwinding Machines, Edge Cutting, Selvedge Removal Systems, Cross Cutting - Ultrasonic Cutter, Artificial Grass Perforating Machines, Accumulators, Brushing Machines.
Danti Paolo srl, ItalyDanti Paolo srl, Italy http://www.danti.it/
Fabric Raising, Shearing, Sueding, Brushing and Polishing Machines for Textile Finishing.
Galvanin SRLGalvanin SRL http://www.galvaninsrl.it/public/inglese/home_e.html
Hank, Tow and Loose Stock Fibre Dyeing Machines, Package Dyeing Machines, Lab Equipment dye exhaustion monitoring Equipment.
La MeccanicaLa Meccanica http://www.la-meccanica.it/eng/
Machinery for automated Fabric Inspection, Rolling and Wrapping. Wrapping and Packing machines for Foam rolls and blocks
NEU Sechage Industriel, FranceNEU Sechage Industriel, France http://www.neu-si.com/
Jumbo Hank Dryers, Cabinet Dryers for Package Drying, tunnels, FR dryers to dry dyed or coated materials , Loose Stock Fibre Apron Dryers. Glass Fibre Conveyor/Truck Dryers
NOVAKUST PEXCO Maschinenbau GmbH, GermanyNOVAKUST PEXCO Maschinenbau GmbH, Germany http://www.novakust.de/textilmaschinen_en.htm
Knitted Garment and Fabric Finishing Machine. Steam tables, Steam Mannequins, Separation, Un-curling, Pressing and Steaming Machines, Stenters for Circular Knitted and Ribbed fabrics
Pindarus SRL, ItalyPindarus SRL, Italy http://www.pindarus.com
Pindarus Srl (Italy) manufactures replacement Raising Fillet (Napping Wire) for all Raising Machine manufacturers including Danti Paolo, Comet, Lafer, Crosta . Pindarus produce the main raising fillets, with either felt or rubber, in all types of wire, in width 20 mm or 22 mm, in 18 rows or 12 rows, used for raising all types of fabrics. together with the Velvet for Shearing Machines and the Tiger for Tiger Machines
Ramallumin, ItalyRamallumin, Italy
Drying Cans/Cylinders and Ranges
SiltexSiltex https://siltex-srl.it
SILTEX S.r.l. specialises in the design and manufacturing of machinery and lines for the coating, impregnating, laminating and printing of all technical textiles - including a full range of custom-engineered coating, impregnating, laminating and printing machines for the most stringent industrial requirements.
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